Chelsea Schultz


As a founding member of the social media marketing boom, Chelsea began her career when Instagram had 200 million active users, aka just one billion eight hundred million users ago. After eight years of bringing brands to life and making them look cool on social media, Chelsea is well versed on the ins and outs of cultural trends, the highs and lows of analytics and strategy. Plus, she knows her way around all the big platform players.

Chelsea has worked on brands from McDonald’s to Maker’s Mark, Susan G. Komen to Circle K and many more. You couldn’t begin to fit her industry knowledge into a 280-character tweet.

When she’s not scouring the internet for the next big thing, you can find her unplugging with a mug of tea and a nice book, trying to keep her houseplants alive or hanging with her pup, Pickles – sometimes all at the same time. Working in social media makes the best multitaskers, ya know.

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