Media relations! Your marketing plan’s secret superpower

Doe-Anderson in Public Relations

Media relations, staple of the Public Relations toolbox, usually doesn’t make for the most riveting segment of a marketing presentation to a client about potential tactics. Yet public conversations about pretty much everything often start with someone – a reporter or blogger or website editor or just an individual with a viewpoint and a social media following – putting something out there for the world to read, see or hear. The skillful media relations practitioner can seed these ideas and influence many of the subsequent conversations – with a virtual cloak of invisibility.

Browsers are bad for browsing
The disadvantages of ecommerce

Doe-Anderson in User Experience

Retail and ecommerce are meant for each other. We’ll outline exactly why this relationship has reciprocal value below by highlighting the limitations of online shopping while also getting a little nostalgic about the shopping environments that took a beat while we distanced ourselves from all sensory experiences.

An MRI for Marketing Effectiveness

McKenna Mitchell in Data Insights

Both forecasting and predictive modeling help drive actionable insights in healthcare data analytics by predicting ad performance potential and consumer behavior. In the year 2020, it was more important than ever for our healthcare clients to make sure their messages were reaching their target audience, so we will look at how we can use predictive modeling to accomplish this.

...And Then There Was The Content Production Team

Amber Shircliff in Content Production

Until recently, a commercial production shoot meant big budgets, dozens of crew members, trucks full of lighting and camera equipment, extravagant spreads made lovingly by craft services, blocked off streets, safety officers and long days, we’re talking 10 to 14 hours with call and wrap times that would make even the earliest early birds and the nightiest night owls cringe. However, as digital, and especially social, media creeps deeper and deeper into all aspects of our lives, its influence has not been lost on photo and video production.

2021 Consumer Trends for the Spirits Industry

Doe-Anderson in Process

Check out three consumer trends impacting the Spirits world in 2021 and beyond: Uncompromisable Convenience, Values Redefined, and United by Brands; and what your brand can do to tap into these new consumer motivations and expectations to drive deeper connections and secure a lasting role in consumers’ lives.

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