Consumer behavior in the time of COVID
The view from tomorrow

Shruti Muruganandan in Strategy

Back in 2020, we sought out to predict the impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on our culture and identified seven key consumer trends - indicators of future behaviors and beliefs.

But the situation has proven to be anything but predictable.

One year later, we took a fresh look at how consumer has behavior changed during and as a result of the global pandemic.

Our take? The global pandemic was a magnifier – drawing everything, including our culture of division, into sharper focus. Read on to learn how this culture of division, magnified by COVID-19, has and will continue to shape the way consumers think and what they do and how brands should engage.

Lives for Rent
Some rules of the road for influencer marketing

Hannah Esrock in Strategy

But how do you find the right influencer for your brand? Go back to your goals. If reach is what you desire, Doe recommends searching for a macro-influencer who mainly posts content on the platform your audience is on. (Gen Z would prefer TikTok while Millennials might prefer Instagram.) However, if you desire more engagement, we recommend searching for smaller influencers – micro or midtier – because we find their audiences feel a lot more connected to the influencer and are more likely to strike up a conversation in the comment section (or enter a contest) than they would with someone who has millions of followers.

Making the impossible a daily deliverable in video production
Fast, cheap or good? All of the above, please.

Chase Stewart in Content Production

“You can have it fast, cheap or good. Pick two.” This familiar expression has been kicked around by the video production community for decades to explain the obvious confines of budgets and production timelines. While you can have it either cheap and fast, cheap and good, or good and fast, you can’t have all three at the same time. In many instances, the cheap-and-good option has always felt a bit like an oxymoron – at least in a traditional sense of the expression. In the last five years, with video production quite literally at everyone’s fingertips, it seems having things fast, cheap and good can finally happen. Not only is it an option, but it is also expected.

The resurgence of illustration

Zach Stewart in Design

Over the past year, illustration became a powerful tool within the world of graphic design and advertising. The surge began as a solve for crafting a campaign during a global pandemic when shooting film and photos wasn't an option. A year later, illustration and design are more entwined than ever and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Make it work beautifully: The importance of user experience design

Jake Schultz in User Experience

User experience design centers all decisions around the user. Some could say that people have been informally using UX since the beginning of time, continuously trying to improve the process of an experience. However, UX design as a defined field has only existed within the dot-com boom so let's explore more about what it is, what it's not, why it's important, and how it's evolving.

Media relations! Your marketing plan’s secret superpower

Doe-Anderson in Public Relations

Media relations, staple of the Public Relations toolbox, usually doesn’t make for the most riveting segment of a marketing presentation to a client about potential tactics. Yet public conversations about pretty much everything often start with someone – a reporter or blogger or website editor or just an individual with a viewpoint and a social media following – putting something out there for the world to read, see or hear. The skillful media relations practitioner can seed these ideas and influence many of the subsequent conversations – with a virtual cloak of invisibility.

Browsers are bad for browsing
The disadvantages of ecommerce

Doe-Anderson in User Experience

Retail and ecommerce are meant for each other. We’ll outline exactly why this relationship has reciprocal value below by highlighting the limitations of online shopping while also getting a little nostalgic about the shopping environments that took a beat while we distanced ourselves from all sensory experiences.

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