Illuminating the “why” behind the “what”
Employee Retention in the Great Resignation

Laura Proctor in Management

The Great Resignation taught us that the pandemic changed the way talent thinks about the working world. Gone are the days where employee worth was defined by the number of hours spent in an office, at a desk, side by side with peers. And gone are the days where your job was your identity. Now is the time to be rethinking employee retention strategies. Leaning on feedback from our industry, peers and team, Doe-Anderson realized there is a huge amount of potential in exploring a work environment that provides exactly what talent is asking for – more opportunities to find personal fulfillment, more inspiration and more flexibility. Does it feel risky? Yes. Will it be worth it? We’re willing to bet it will.

Five things the crisis did to make us even stronger

Todd Spencer in Management

As I reflect on the significant adjustments and leadership decisions we had to implement over the past 90 days to navigate the pandemic, there are five things that stand out as positive outcomes which will serve us well and ultimately strengthen our organization as we forge ahead. While these outcomes are specific to our business, they can apply to most, if not all businesses.

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