Five things the crisis did to make us even stronger

As I reflect on the significant adjustments and leadership decisions we had to implement over the past 90 days to navigate the pandemic, there are five things that stand out as positive outcomes which will serve us well and ultimately strengthen our organization as we forge ahead. While these outcomes are specific to our business, they can apply to most, if not all businesses.

Post-COVID consumer predictions

Our team at Doe-Anderson has been looking at the lasting effects the COVID crisis will have on brands far into the future. We’ve outlined seven trends and how brand owners should prepare and adjust. Because we will get past this, but change is afoot.

Keep calm & brand on

It’s a time unlike any other, and we’re all juggling an almost unimaginable number of challenges and choices that are crucial to our brands and businesses – both now and for the future.

Doe’s top consumer trends for 2020

We’ve combed through over 40 different reports that address everything from changing consumer behavior to their media consumption patterns to their evolving world-views. We do this to help our clients unlock new and interesting opportunities. Because in most cases, business success boils down to answering two questions: What do consumers want? and What will consumers want next? To get you started, here are the Doe-Anderson Strategic Planning Group’s Top Five Trends for 2020.