Livestream shopping is about to make you rethink your marketing plan
Streams come true

John Birnsteel in Innovation

Livestream shopping is relatively new, having started in Asia in 2017, but it is steadily finding its footing in the U.S. and is poised to become a forceful marketing and sales channel. Management consultants at McKinsey & Co. predict spectacular growth for livestream shopping and believe live-commerce initiated sales could account for as much as 10 to 20 percent of all e-commerce by 2026. That’s north of one trillion dollars. Brand managers and retailers must be prepared to adapt.

User-Generated Content Marketing & Your Brand
If content is king, UGC is the queen

Chelsea Schultz in Strategy

User-generated content, or UGC, is the key to conversions on social, unlocking brand trust, the power of people and authentic content – so much content. To put it simply, user-generated content is just “marketing speak” that encompasses anything created by consumers that highlights your brand. Photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, podcasts and – even in some rare cases – music are all forms of UGC. Take a look at your tagged photos on Instagram or search your brand name on TikTok to quickly discover your own batch of UGC.

Creating software solutions to optimize business practices
Death to the brochure website!

Jerrod Long in Innovation

It is time to move past the outdated thinking that just having an online presence is enough for your business. That’s the floor, not the ceiling. It is possible for users to do so much more than passively consume information. Not only is it possible to create more immersive experiences, it is what users expect.

Making your marketing matter to the LGBTQ+ community
Take Pride all year long

Stephen Kauffman

What if I said you might be missing anywhere from 5–8% (approximately 10 million people) of the U.S. population with your marketing efforts? What if I also mentioned that a segment of that population has a household income of $176,000, approximately $63K higher than the average household income? And what if you also knew this global group would have the fourth-largest GDP in the world if it were a country? I'm talking about the LGBTQ+ community. Doe-Anderson can help your brand better understand and more effectively reach this influential and affluent demographic.

Building new belief in an old-school medium
The Evolution of Out-of-Home Advertising

Out-of-home advertising has traditionally been thought of as the billboard you whizz by on the highway or the bus shelter you glance at while sitting in traffic. Over the years, it has evolved into so much more. From static to digital, out of home can be seen everywhere you go. But out of home encompasses more than "advertising:" From gas stations to pharmacies to building murals, consumers are literally surrounded by branded messaging. Doe-Anderson has been helping brands navigate not only which out-of-home options to choose but also how to measure these options.

Brand experience matters across all channels
Engaging the hybrid shopper

Hannah Jezreel

Hybrid shopping refers to the phenomenon of consumers shopping in different ways – whether that’s online, in-person or otherwise. Brands have to understand how to engage these changing consumer demands and shifting shopping behaviors. It’s not just providing the different shopping options that’s important – it’s about creating an excellent experience, no matter the platform. And while it sounds like something that would only apply to retail shopping brands, creating a strong brand experience is something all brands must pay attention to.

Bringing humanity to brands of all shapes and sizes
Even better than the real thing: the magic of illustrative branding

Emi Johnson in Design

The human brain understands and interprets visual information in a fraction of the time it takes to digest written information, and those visuals tend to stick to memory a lot longer – an invaluable aid in quickly and effectively explaining a product or brand while also endearing your brand and increasing recognition in your audience. Moreover, illustration communicates a certain quality – humanity – that web and digital had been missing in the pursuit of ever-more simplified, streamlined, sanitized interfaces.

A high stakes game
Metaverse marketing for brands

Doe-Anderson in Innovation

As a brand, one way to dip your toes into metaverse marketing is to piggyback off successful games to establish a presence.

It could be something that is more of a guerrilla stunt, like Wendy’s (you know, that Wendy) playing Fortnite’s “Food Fight Edition” on the side of Team Pizza to defeat Team Burgers because their burgers were frozen (underlining Wendy’s credo of “fresh, never frozen!”).

Or you could find a game like Animal Crossing (where anyone can create items for characters to wear) and create branded gear to get some free in-game advertising. That’s what Doe-Anderson did for Texas Roadhouse, offering Cactus Blossom hats and other cool branded wearables.

Illuminating the “why” behind the “what”
Employee Retention in the Great Resignation

Laura Proctor in Management

The Great Resignation taught us that the pandemic changed the way talent thinks about the working world. Gone are the days where employee worth was defined by the number of hours spent in an office, at a desk, side by side with peers. And gone are the days where your job was your identity. Now is the time to be rethinking employee retention strategies. Leaning on feedback from our industry, peers and team, Doe-Anderson realized there is a huge amount of potential in exploring a work environment that provides exactly what talent is asking for – more opportunities to find personal fulfillment, more inspiration and more flexibility. Does it feel risky? Yes. Will it be worth it? We’re willing to bet it will.

The power of localized marketing
Won’t you be my neighbor?

Abby Worley

As consumers, we’re inundated with brand messages at a rapidly growing, never-ending pace. It’s given rise to digital ad blockers and people willing to pay more for online services – hello, Spotify Premium – just so they don’t have to listen to the spots we so lovingly craft. When we look at the physical locations where we’re showing up as marketers, retail spaces are just as cluttered – if not more so. But as an advertising legend once said, “Nobody reads ads. They read what interests them. And sometimes that’s an ad.” And one great way to capture attention is by creating messages that are contextually relevant.

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